When a chemistry image is unavailable, cat photos will have to do

This past semester after every tutorial session I would send an email to my student with a list of topics that we discussed, and then a list of questions intended to stimulate thinking about the key concepts we talked about. I still do this: I think it’s helpful for both me and the student to have a permanent record of what we talked about and it’s also useful for subsequent review.

After this semester was over I went through the logs of the questions and answers I sent and transferred them to a big file, and then arranged them by subject. I just put the results on a free quiz website, so now they’re available for anyone to use. They’ve been divided into sections on structure and bonding, stereochemistry, conformations, reactions of alkenes, reactions of alkynes, alcohols/ethers, thermodynamics, and free radical chemistry.

They might still be a little rough in spots and aren’t as battle-tested as I’d like. If anyone out there wants a review of Org 1 concepts and would like to set up a Skype session with me to go over them, I’d be happy to offer it free of charge.

You can find a link to all my other quizzes here.

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Michael Lockhart

What does this have to do with cats???


Stewie Griffin

I was looking through the thermo quiz and noticed that on the hammond postulate question you have the answer switched. Exothermic rxns have a reactant like TS. Probably a simple typo.





Stephen Hamlton

On your free radical review you state that “NBS will result in dibrominated products whereas NBS will not,” or something like that. Should be Br2 then NBS.



fixed! thanks



Everything is made of molecules…including the cat…and that cat is BEAUTIFUL!


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