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Thanks for signing up to Organic Chemistry Power Tips! These daily tips are intended to run for 12 weeks, sending you an email every day. This first message is intended to give you an outline of the topics that will be covered by this series. 

The topics will be covered in the following order, which is the most common sequence for this course at North American schools:

  1. Reactions of alcohols, epoxides, and ethers
  2. Conjugated systems
  3. Aromaticity
  4. Reactions of aromatic rings
  5. Reactions of aromatic derivatives
  6. Aldehydes and ketones
  7. Carboxylic acid derivatives
  8. Synthesis
  9. Amines
  10. Sugars & amino acids
  11. Putting it all together

In order to view these emails, it will be important to be able to see images. So here’s a test image. Make sure you can see this! If not, hunt around – you should see a button somewhere that says “display remote content” or “display images”.

Tomorrow: What To Expect In Organic Chemistry 2.

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