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Oct 1, 2019

Position Available: Chemical Drawing Assistant

Tasks: I’m looking for someone who can take a significant number of older ChemDraw files and update them to reflect some recent changes to style and format. You will be experienced with drawing detailed reaction mechanisms in ChemDraw (or equivalent) and know how to use this software efficiently. You will also be comfortable with reading the primary literature of organic chemistry and creating reaction schemes based on literature examples. Expect weekly remote meetings and to interface with project management software (training will be provided).

This position is 100% remote.

Time commitment is flexible, but you should be available for at least 10 hours/week.

Candidates in US/Canada preferred.

Compensation: $20/hr (USD).

Please send a brief summary of your relevant experience along with samples of your drawing work (CDX or PNG) to

About the employer: Master Organic Chemistry (MOC) is an online educational resource for introductory organic chemistry topics. With over 500 free articles that reach over 5 million visitors / year, MOC was recently ranked the world’s #10 most visited chemistry website. (, December 2018)