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Resources for Instructors

Sometimes putting together lecture slides can feel like reinventing the wheel. Permission is hereby granted to use any images on this website for preparing lecture notes, slides, etc. that are not behind a paywall.

This site began over 10 years ago as a place to share lessons learned from tutoring organic chemistry online.
Over time, it has morphed into an online textbook with over 400 articles covering a wide range of introductory organic chemistry topics.

Along the way, over 2500 non-paywalled, non-watermarked images have been generated in Chemdraw, along with a growing library of short videos (GIFs).

New – 350+ examples of Org 1 / Org 2 reactions from “Organic Syntheses”

It’s instructive to have “real life” examples of actual reactions in introductory organic chemistry along with reproducible procedures and yields. This album has a collection of 350+ examples of “classic” Org 1 and Org 2 reactions from Organic Syntheses Coll. Volumes 1-6, a treasure trove of reliable methods for the preparation of organic compounds.

This album of images along with the corresponding ChemDraw files are provided as a free service to the organic chemistry educational community.

GIFS and other short videos: [See channel for more]





[See channel for more]

A link to Master Organic Chemistry [https://www.masterorganicchemistry.com] on a public-facing page on a university website would be greatly appreciated. This helps MOC articles surface in search-engine rankings.

Additionally, if your college/university has a tutoring or resource center, an introduction via email [cc: james at masterorganicchemistry.com] to an appropriate person would also make a difference so that more students can discover the resource.

Complementary MOC Membership Access

Complementary MOC Membership is offered for instructors. This includes access to the 180+ pages in the Reaction Guide as well as to the 1500+ Quizzes. If you would like to have complimentary access to the Membership as an instructor, send me an email and I can set you up with an account.

Reaction Guide

The paywalled section of this website includes the Reaction Guide, a resource with over 180 individual pages on reactions commonly encountered in introductory organic chemistry, generally adhering to content on the ACS organic chemistry exams.

Organic Chemistry Reaction Guide

Each  Reaction Guide page contains a canonical example, specific examples (often including intramolecular variants) a complete arrow-pushing mechanism (where relevant) and references to the primary organic chemistry literature.


Part of MOC membership includes access to 1500+ practice questions, organized into 32 categories. See here for examples:

Organic Chemistry Practice Questions