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One cannot Master Organic Chemistry just by reading articles!

Here is a selection of over 1500 practice questions for various sections of a typical organic chemistry course, organized by the typical order of appearance.

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Organic Chemistry 1 Topics

Orbital Hybridization PracticeBasics of Structure and BondingBoiling and MP Quizzes
Acid-Base Practice QuizzesResonance Practice QuizzesNomenclature Quizzes
Newman Projection / Conformation Practice QuizzesCycloalkanes Practice Quizzes       Free Radicals Practice Quizzes      
Stereochemistry Practice ProblemsSubstitution Practice Quizzes (SN1) Substitution Practice Quizzes (SN2)
Elimination Practice Quizzes (E1) Elimination Practice Quizzes (E2)SN1/SN2/E1/E2 Practice Quizzes
Alkene Reaction Practice QuizzesAlkyne Reaction Practice Quizzes


Organic Chemistry 2 Topics

Alcohols Practice QuizzesEpoxides Practice QuizzesOxidation + Reduction Quizzes
Grignard Reaction Practice ProblemsMolecular Orbital Theory PracticeDiels-Alder Reaction Practice Quizzes
Aromaticity Practice QuizzesElectrophilic Aromatic Substitution Practice QuizzesAromatic Reactions and Synthesis Practice
Aldehyde and Ketone Reaction Practice QuizzesCarboxylic Acid Derivative Practice QuizzesEnols and Enolates Practice Quizzes
Carbohydrate Practice QuizzesAmine Practice QuizzesAmino Acids Quizzes