Organic Chemistry Practice Questions

Many students have said  that the exam questions in organic chemistry tend to be different and harder than the ones they find in their textbooks and the ones they cover during their lectures. Those questions are typically what costs them their desired grade, despite hours and hours of studying for the exam.

To help you eliminate exam-day surprises and confidently answer all the questions in your exams, we worked through hundreds of organic chemistry exams and put together 1500+ practice questions, inspired by real-world exams.

These cover common and trick questions from the beginning of Org 1 (Structure and Bonding) to the end of Org 2 (Amino Acids) and everything in-between (Stereochemistry, Alkene & Alkyne Reactions, SN1/SN2/E1/E2, Dienes, Alcohols, Aldehydes, and Ketones…).*

*except spectroscopy. Working on it.

As a wise student once said,  “If you’ve seen a trick question before, it’s no longer a trick”.

Questions by typical order of appearance. You can scroll down for the full list of topics and quizzes.

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“Initially I was having an extremely difficult time understanding the background to a reaction. I could memorize the reaction, but I wanted to know the intricate details. This guide helped me understand the reaction in a more down to Earth way when compared to my textbook. I went from a C to an A- in Organic 1 and acing Organic 2 with an A+.” -Julian D., University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Organic Chemistry 1 Topics

Orbital Hybridization Practice Basics of Structure and Bonding Boiling and MP Quizzes
Acid-Base Practice Quizzes Resonance Practice Quizzes Nomenclature Quizzes
Newman Projection / Conformation Practice Quizzes Cycloalkanes Practice Quizzes        Free Radicals Practice Quizzes      
Stereochemistry Practice Problems Substitution Practice Quizzes (SN1)  Substitution Practice Quizzes (SN2)
Elimination Practice Quizzes (E1)  Elimination Practice Quizzes (E2) SN1/SN2/E1/E2 Practice Quizzes
Alkene Reaction Practice Quizzes Alkyne Reaction Practice Quizzes


Organic Chemistry 2 Topics

Alcohols Practice Quizzes Epoxides Practice Quizzes Oxidation + Reduction Quizzes
Grignard Reaction Practice Problems Molecular Orbital Theory Practice Diels-Alder Reaction Practice Quizzes
Aromaticity Practice Quizzes Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution Practice Quizzes Aromatic Reactions and Synthesis Practice
Aldehyde and Ketone Reaction Practice Quizzes Carboxylic Acid Derivative Practice Quizzes Enols and Enolates Practice Quizzes
Carbohydrate Practice Quizzes Amine Practice Quizzes Amino Acids Quizzes