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Stereochemistry Practice Problems and Quizzes

Table of Contents

    This large collection of stereochemistry practice questions will test you on determining R/S configurations on chiral centers, to determine whether pairs of molecules are enantiomers, diastereomers or the same, identifying chiral molecules, and many more.

    These generally range from easiest at the top to more difficult at the bottom.

    Assign Relationships Based on the name

    Quiz#: 875

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    Quiz#: 876

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    Solution Video-A1-876-Stereochemistry

    Quiz#: 877

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    Solution Video-A1-877-Stereochemistry

    Quiz#: 878

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    Solution Video-A1-878-Stereochemistry

    Quiz#: 879

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    Solution Video-A1-879-Stereochemistry

    Quiz#: 880

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    Solution Video-A1-880-Stereochemistry

    Quiz#: 881

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    Solution Video-A1-881-Stereochemistry

    Quiz#: 882

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    Solution Video-A1-882-Stereochemistry

    Quiz#: 883

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    Solution Video-A1-883-Stereochemistry

    Quiz#: 884

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    Solution Video-A1-884-Stereochemistry

    Quiz#: 885

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    Solution Video-A1-885-Stereochemistry

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    Assign R/S

    Line Diagrams

    Quiz#: 802

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    Solution Video-B1-802-Stereochemistry

    Quiz#: 804

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    Solution Video-B1-804-Stereochemistry

    Quiz#: 803

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    Solution Video-B1-803-Stereochemistry

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