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Hofmann elimination of alkylammonium salts to give alkenes

Description: Tetra-alkyl ammonium salts undergo elimination to form the least substituted alkene. This is called the Hofman elimination.
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6 thoughts on “Hofmann elimination of alkylammonium salts to give alkenes

  1. I appreciate your well presented information. I just wanted to ask whether you meant, under bonds broken, C1-H and not C2-H. That is in the first (i.e, general) equation. Later on, under mechanism, the information looks correct.
    Thank you.

  2. Just curious. What would happen if we tried reacting Tetramethyl Ammonium with a mild base (like AgOH). Since there is no beta Hydrogen to abstract, Hofmann elimination isn’t feasible so what would be the products?

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