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Iodination of Aromatics with I2

Description: Treatment of an aromatic such as benzene with iodine (I2) and copper (II) chloride leads to formation of the iodinated benzene.

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Real-Life Examples:

Org. Synth. 1956, 36, 46

DOI Link: 10.15227/orgsyn.036.0046

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5 thoughts on “Iodination of Aromatics with I2

  1. Does reaction of molecular iodine with nitric acid not produce iodobenzene in greater yield? Lesser yield? Just as good?


        1. My text said that HI is a reducing agent.(That’s why direct Iodination fails to give Iodoalkane. Prescence of oxidising ahents like HgO is required to oxidise hydrogen iodide to iodine gas)

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