Keto-enol tautomerism

by James

Description: Ketones and other carbonyl compounds containing a hydrogen adjacent to the carbonyl are in equilibrium with a constitutional isomer called an enol.
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Hi! i read through your notes for keto-enol-tautomerism. I just have a questions, why is 2,4-pentandione is more favourable as an enol? is it because of the conjugation? could you please explain to me why? Thank you.



Two reasons! 1) if one ketone is present as an enol, then it can participate in a hydrogen bond with the other ketone carbonyl, which is a favorable interaction. And yes 2) it is also conjugated, so that has an impact as well.



which conditions are suitable for amide tautomerism …………..for proton abstraction


Reid Osborn

The Video Walkthrough is down.


James Ashenhurst

Thanks, I need to fix this.


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