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Reduction of aromatic ketones to alkanes with Pd/C and hydrogen

Description: When treated with a metal catalyst such as palladium (Pd) or platinum (Pt) and hydrogen gas (H2) ketones next to aromatic groups are converted into alkanes.

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11 thoughts on “Reduction of aromatic ketones to alkanes with Pd/C and hydrogen

  1. What is the difference between H2, Pd and H2, Pd/C/

    Does H2, Pd only reduce ketones to alkanes?

    Does H2, Pd/C reduce alkenes to alkanes?

  2. Can a secondary ketone be reduced to an alkane by H2, Pd/C if it’s not aromatic? If not, what would you use?

    1. Ketones can be reduced to alcohols using Pd/C with enough pressure of H2, but to go down to the alkane, it’s necessary to convert the OH into OTs (or OMs) and treat with LiAlH4. Essentially a substitution reaction occurs forming C-H and breaking C-O .

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