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A Primer On Organic Reactions

Nucleophilicity vs. Basicity

Following up on Nucleophiles and Electrophiles, here’s a common question students have about nucleophilicity: What’s the difference between nucleophilicity and basicity? Great, great question. First

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3 Factors That Stabilize Carbocations

Three main factors increase the stability of carbocations: Increasing the number of adjacent carbon atoms: methyl (least stable carbocation) < primary < secondary < tertiary  (most

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What’s a Transition State?

Here’s a question that comes up a lot: What’s a transition state? A transition state is a very short-lived configuration of atoms at a local

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Hammond’s Postulate

Last week Diana left this comment: I recently had my first orgo exam and one of the concepts that I have trouble visceralizing is Hammond’s

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