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Oxidation and Reduction in Organic Chemistry

Iron smelting!  Photo credit: In the beginning, the term actually made sense. When the alchemists and medieval metallurgists started doing experiments to quantify exactly how

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Organic Chemistry Is Shit

The Chemical Formula For Poop (Among Other Things) Some days you might feel like you can’t escape organic chemistry. You leave the lecture hall and

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The 4 Major Classes of Reactions in Org 1

At least 80% of the reactions you will learn in Org 1 fall into one of these 4 categories. The sooner you can get into the habit of recognizing bond formation and breakage the better off you will be.

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How (and why) electrons flow

So what is the key “driving force”  involved in chemistry? A chemist would say that “opposite charges attract, like charges repel.” But how can we

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Introduction to Resonance

Introduction To Resonance   Last time we talked about how to use electronegativity to find the electron densities in a molecule – and when to ignore

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