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Free Radical Reactions

Free Radical Reactions – Chlorination of Methane Alkanes are pretty boring, chemically speaking.  They don’t tend to undergo many reactions. However, when they are treated

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Selectivity In Free Radical Reactions

Free Radical Chlorination: Selectivity This post is all about the selectivity of free-radical halogenation: what does “selectivity” mean, anyway? And how do we calculate it? It’s often

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Allylic Bromination

Allylic Bromination and Benzylic Bromination: What Is It,  And How Does It Work? In previous posts on radicals, we’ve seen how bromine can selectively react

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In Summary: Free Radicals

A Summary Of Topics  For Free-Radical Reactions So what have we learned in this series about free radicals? Lots of things. We’ve seen that  they

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