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The E2 Mechanism

E2 Mechanism – How The E2 (Elimination, Biomolecular) Reaction Works Having gone through the E1 mechanism for elimination reactions, we’ve accounted for one way in

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The SN2 Mechanism

The SN2 Reaction Mechanism Having gone through the two different types of substitution reactions, and talked about nucleophiles and electrophiles, we’re finally in a position

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What’s a Racemic Mixture?

Racemic Mixtures What do you notice about these three pictures? Count the number of left gloves and right gloves.  6 left and 6 right gloves,

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Two Midterm Problems I Like

In freshman year I remember being aghast at some of the  exam questions my dorm-mates got in their engineering physics classes. They typically had some hideous

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Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine

These molecules make the news quite a bit. Some questions to think about: What’s the (R),(S) designation for the stereocenters of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, as

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