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You’ve likely learned by now that you can rotate single bonds (“sigma bonds”) but you can’t rotate multiple bonds (Pi bonds). Now we can start

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Newman Projections

Imagine you have a clock. Not a digital clock. One of those old fashioned clocks with two hands. Let’s try something. Make the clock show

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On Cats, Part 6: Stereocenters

Let’s recap what we’ve talked about so far. Sawhorse cat and Freaky Sawhorse cat are constitutional isocats. But Freaky Sawhorse Cat has a mirror image of

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Basicity of Amines And pKaH

Quantifying The Basicity Of Amines, Using “The pKa Of The Conjugate Acid”, a.k.a. “pKaH” How do you measure the basicity of an amine? Case in point:

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