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D and L Notation For Sugars

The D- And L- Notation For The Absolute Configuration Of Sugars And Amino Acids What differentiates “D-Glucose” from “L-Glucose” ? Or D-alanine from L-alanine? And

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What is Mutarotation?

All About Mutarotation The term “mutarotation” originates from the observed change in the optical rotation of the α- and β- anomers of glucose upon dissolution

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Reducing Sugars

What’s a reducing sugar, and why is it important? Here’s a quick summary. Full details in the post below. Table of Contents Before We Talk

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The Haworth Projection

Let’s introduce the Haworth Projection, a frequently encountered convention for depicting sugars. “What!?” you may ask.  Yet another drawing convention? At this late stage of

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