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The Gabriel Synthesis

The Gabriel Synthesis For Making Primary Amines We’ve seen previously that it’s hard to *usefully* build amines through the SN2 reaction, because once amines start

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Some Reactions of Azides

Azide Ion: Structure, Properties, and Substitution Reactions The azide ion (N3– ) is one of those chemical entities that just plain looks weird.  Three nitrogens in a row? check

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The Williamson Ether Synthesis

All About The Williamson Ether Synthesis In the last post, we discussed the acid-base properties of alcohols. Two posts ago, we said that acid-base reactions

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Epoxide Ring Opening With Base

Ring-opening of epoxides with basic nucleophiles Here’s  a brief  summary  of  what  we’ll  discuss  today:   Table of Contents:  Opening Epoxides With Base: How it

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Tosylates And Mesylates

All About Tosylates and Mesylates Today we’re going to talk about a different way of making alcohols into good leaving groups – by turning them

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