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Basicity of Amines And pKaH

Quantifying The Basicity Of Amines, Using “The pKa Of The Conjugate Acid”, a.k.a. “pKaH” How do you measure the basicity of an amine? Case in point:

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Nucleophilicity of Amines

Bonus Topic – Nucleophilicity Of Amines The relative nucleophilicity of amines doesn’t get a  lot of coverage (translation: doesn’t get tested) in many organic chemistry

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Alkylation of Amines (Sucks!)

Why Alkylation Of Amines (aka “The Williamson Ether Synthesis, But For Amines” ) Usually Doesn’t Pan Out Trends in the basicity of amines provide a

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Reductive Amination

OK – so making amines through direct alkylation is generally not a great way to go. You could even say it’s crappy. So what’s the

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The Gabriel Synthesis

The Gabriel Synthesis For Making Primary Amines We’ve seen previously that it’s hard to *usefully* build amines through the SN2 reaction, because once amines start

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Some Reactions of Azides

Azide Ion: Structure, Properties, and Substitution Reactions The azide ion (N3– ) is one of those chemical entities that just plain looks weird.  Three nitrogens in a row? check

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The Hofmann Elimination

The Hofmann Elimination Of Alkylammonium Salts: Examples  and Mechanism The Hofmann Elimination is an elimination reaction of alkylammonium salts that forms C-C double bonds [pi

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