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Selectivity In Free Radical Reactions

Free Radical Chlorination: Selectivity This post is all about the selectivity of free-radical halogenation: what does “selectivity” mean, anyway? And how do we calculate it? It’s often

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Halogenation At Tiffany’s

Thinking Through The Selectivity of Bromination  vs Chlorination: An Intuitive Analogy As we discussed in the last post on radicals, bromine radicals are considerably more

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Alkynes Are A Blank Canvas

Alkynes: The Gateway To Organic Synthesis Now that we’ve gone through all the major reactions of alkynes, we can take a step back and look

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Bromination of Alkenes

Bromination of Alkenes Gives anti Products In a previous post we went through the key reactions of the carbocation pathway. It’s a family of reactions

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