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Cleavage Of Ethers With Acid

Acidic Cleavage of Ethers Can Proceed Through an SN2 or SN1 Mechanism, Depending On The Structure I’ve been looking forward to today’s post for a

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Epoxide Ring Opening With Base

Ring-opening of epoxides with basic nucleophiles Here’s  a brief  summary  of  what  we’ll  discuss  today:   Table of Contents:  Opening Epoxides With Base: How it

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PBr3 and SOCl2

PBr3 and SOCl2: Reagents For Converting Alcohols To Good Leaving Groups Lately we’ve been talking a lot about converting alcohols to good leaving groups [halides]

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Protecting Groups For Alcohols

Alcohol Protecting Groups Summary for today’s post on Protecting Groups for Alcohols: Table of Contents When Alcohols Get In The Way Protecting Groups Are Like

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