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Screw Organic Chemistry, I’m Just Going To Write About Cats

Last updated: July 7th, 2023 |

Screw organic chemistry, I’m just going to write about cats.


Organic chemistry? People don’t want to hear about it. It’s been called “worse than prison“, or “like a bad hooker“.  Based on some opinions of this subject,  having a blog entitled “Master Organic Chemistry” is not unlike having a blog called “Master Genital Herpes”. Sure, it fills a niche, but who wants to be the guy writing a blog like that, I ask? Not me, folks.

Since the goal of this blog is complete world domination, I think I’m going to have to radically change strategy if I want to get within shouting distance of popular blogs like The Chemistry Blog, or even, dare to dream, ChemBark.

My chosen strategy: more cat pictures.


This strategy is going to kill. Who doesn’t like cats?

I live in Jerusalem, which has to be one of the world’s best places for catwatching. They’re everywhere – like squirrels or raccoons back in North America. You want cat pictures? I can give you cat pictures!


WHO, I ask , WHO can compete with a blog devoted entirely to Jerusalem dumpster cats?

Some people might say this is simply a naked strategy to obtain more traction on social bookmarking sites and I am selling out my core mission in the interest of transient popularity. Don’t bother looking below the surface of this, dear reader: this analysis is 100% correct.

From now on, no more organic chemistry. Only cats.



I hope you enjoy our new direction.

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16 thoughts on “Screw Organic Chemistry, I’m Just Going To Write About Cats

  1. Just shared this with my organic chemistry 1 class…loved it!!!! Finals next week, I’m sure if nothing else, i’ll remember stereochemistry now!

  2. The only reason organic chemistry is less popular than having herpes is that there are no cats in organic chemistry. You can fix that and make learning about organic chemistry interesting and fun. Collect your blogs and put them in a book that could serve as a companion to those impenetrable introductory textbooks. Be persistent. As they say, don’t reduce the heat until the reaction is complete.


    1. My cat got fat during my PhD because I’d have to dump a bunch of food in her dish every morning so she’d have plenty to eat while I was at the lab. I felt so guilty, like I was abusing her!

  3. I’m reading!
    I love cats, and well, since my PhD is in Organic Chemistry, I suppose I love that too ;)
    Keep it coming, whether cat-related, or chemistry-related.

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