Reactions of Aromatic Molecules

By James Ashenhurst

Synthesis (7): Reaction Map of Benzene and Related Aromatic Compounds

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Reactions of Benzene and Aromatic Compounds: A Reaction Map (PDF)

Let’s map out all of the reactions we’ve learned in this section on aromatic rings + substituents. The list comes to about 25, including

  • the six key electrophilic aromatic substitution reactions,
  • the Wolff-Kishner and Clemmensen reductions of ketones
  • reduction of nitro groups, the Baeyer-Villiger oxidation, and protection of amines
  • sidechain oxidation
  • desulfonylation

Also included is a few reactions we actually haven’t covered yet – such as diazonium salt formation and Sandmeyer reactions. These are often covered in the chapter on amines, but they’re going in here regardless because they certainly can come in handy.

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(Not included are the Heck, Suzuki and other cross-coupling reactions, which you can read about here.)

File: (PNG)

Alternatively: (PDF)


The map also makes reference to a previous sheet on alkyl halides:

Synthesis (3): Reactions of Alkyl Halides

The previous post in this series of Reaction Maps, on alcohols:

Synthesis (6): Reactions of Alcohols

For a much larger set of reaction maps covering all of Org 1 and Org 2, check out the Reaction Maps PDF  available in the MOC Store.

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5 thoughts on “Synthesis (7): Reaction Map of Benzene and Related Aromatic Compounds

  1. Hello! First time visiting. The notes are beautifully organized, the reactions are beautifully depicted, and the site itself is also well organized! Thanks for offering free PDFs for studying. Have a great day. <3

  2. Thank you for this summary!
    I’m currently brushing up on my last years organic chemistry lectures.

    I’ve found a mistake – the Link for Synthesis(6) should tell “Reactions of Alcohols”.

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