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Reaction Map: Reactions of Organometallics

Last updated: September 21st, 2022 |

A Reaction Map For Organometallic Compounds

After the series of posts on Alcohols, I put together a large PDF that included the reactions of alcohols, alkenes, alkanes, alkynes, and alkyl halides on a large sheet.

I was going to add our recent reactions of organometallics to this page, but it just got too unruly. In lieu of that type of sheet, here’s a page (PDF) with a “reaction map” of the most common reactions of organometallics that we discussed in the previous posts. Hope you find it useful!

Here it is. Reaction Map: Reactions of Organometallics (PDF)




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  1. I’ve never learned organic chemistry so quickly, you’re actually saving my ass. Cheers to you for making such an efficient teaching study guide

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