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By James Ashenhurst

Summary Sheet #2: Enols and Enolates

Last updated: October 6th, 2022 |

Here’s the second summary sheet I’ve put together. It covers enol and enolate chemistry, although more of the fundamental material rather than their reactions. Although it will probably be too late for those of you writing final exams in the next week or so (sorry, fellow Canadians) the next summary sheet will be a “league table” covering the reactions of carbonyls. It’s going to be a beast. Looking forward to it though.

As always, if you have any comments/suggestions (especially on omissions or errors) or need clarification I’d really appreciate feedback.

Here it is (click for larger image). Enols and Enolates (180 Kb).


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6 thoughts on “Summary Sheet #2: Enols and Enolates

  1. Thank you for putting up such a great piece of information. Your notes helped me prepare for my tests. Could you also explain the effect of temperature on the direction of the equilibrium between keto and enol forms.

  2. Hey James, not that it’s too big a deal as the PDF is okay, but in the JPG the righthand side isn’t cropped right and cuts off some of the text. These look like a lot of work went into them…

  3. Hey i ‘d just like to say thank you for putting this up. I am getting overwhelmed by carbonyl’s and their reactions and this site has really helped me break it into easily managed trends.

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