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What to expect in Org 2

Here are a few things to keep in mind for Org 2:

  • If the key theme in Org 1 was stereochemistry, the key theme of Org 2 will be resonance. Starting with the chapter on conjugation, every single chapter will involve resonance in some way.
  • There won’t be as many new key concepts introduced in Org 2. The two main concepts you’ll learn will be conjugation and aromaticity
  • There will be many more reactions. One of the key skills to develop will be in recognizing patterns. If you can see patterns, it will help you cut down on the amount of memorization. Imagine if you had to choose between memorizing multiplication tables or actually learning how to multiply. Memorization might work for a small number of examples, but as the amount of material piles up, it will be more effective to understand how to recognize and apply the key patterns. Since many of the reactions you’ll learn proceed through similar mechanisms (especially when you get to reactions of benzenes and those of carbonyls) learning the patterns will greatly cut down on the amount of memorization you’ll have to do.

If it’s been awhile since you took Org 1, here’s some key skills to review before you get too deep into it:

Here’s a link to a post with some more specific examples: “What to expect in Org 2“.

Tomorrow we’ll get started with the chemistry of alcohols: How to “change” an alcohol’s personality.

Thanks for reading!